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Yaskawa SIEPYAIH6B01 HV600 Narrow Bypass Tech Ref

Yaskawa manufactures products used as components in a wide variety of industrial systems and equipment. The selection and application of Yaskawa products remain the responsibility of the equipment manufacturer or end user. Yaskawa accepts no responsibility for the way its products are incorporated into the final system design. Under no circumstances should any Yaskawa product be incorporated into any product or design as the exclusive or sole safety control. Without exception, all controls should be designed to detect faults dynamically and fail safely under all circumstances. All systems or equipment designed to incorporate a product manufactured by Yaskawa must be supplied to the end user with appropriate warnings and instructions as to the safe use and operation of that part. Any warnings provided by Yaskawa must be promptly provided to the end user. Yaskawa offers an express warranty only as to the quality of its products in conforming to standards and specifications published in the Yaskawa manual. NO OTHER WARRANTY, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IS OFFERED. Yaskawa assumes no liability for any personal injury, property damage, losses, or claims arising from misapplication of its products.

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